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Don't be a member of the Lonely Hearts Club... get online to look for the hottest foreign brides. You will find here the most attractive Russian women. They are ready to give it all! Find foreign brides for a serious long-term affair. Or if you are interested in just a casual relationship our girls are ready for that too!


Make this an affair to remember. Find exciting girls on the Internet, eligible to become foreign brides. You can be a single, lonely Russian or non-Russian living anywhere and still find the best foreign brides ready and waiting for you.


Browse our website to get a wide collection of the most visually appealing and emotionally giving to-be foreign brides. Check out their photographs, go thorugh their biographical data before selecting foreign brides. We feature thousands of profiles in our foreign brides section - ranging from serious to sporty to fun to downright naughty - for you to choose from.


Match your interests and aspirations, find out how compatible you are with the foreign brides to-be. Who knows perhaps the girl of your dreams is just a click away.


All you need to do is open an account with A Volga Girl and purchase the addresses of the girls you'd like to correspond with, for a nominal amount. Also on offer is our FREE Mens Catalog section where you can send your photographs and information to our US and Russian offices and wait for the ladies inquiries to begin rolling in. Both ways offer an exciting adventure.


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